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Long Distance moving companies faces a lot of obstacles while packing and moving from state to state or cross country. Because of this reason make sure you choose a highly reputed and experienced long distance movers.Sherpa Movers NYC has earned high reputation in providing seamless and qualitative long distance moving service for our interstate moving customers. If you are looking for a national moving company, Sherpa Movers NYC should be your first choice.

Long Distance moving services:

  • If you're moving to Chicago, Miami, L.A or San Francisco, Washington D.C. , Boston, make sure to reserve our shuttle service that leave up to four times a week - and save money.

  • We now offer upto one month free storage service on all long distance moving.

  • Despite of other long distance moving companies who provide third party and make several stops en route, we provide direct non stop moving service.

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Five moving Tips for Long Distance Moving

  1. Make sure that you don't pack or disassemble anything. Yes you heard it right! if the fragile or loose items are not packed well then there are high chances of breaking those stuffs. Also, you have to tell and inform the movers about each and every stuffs which increases your moving time and money. And in some condition if you forget to tell them then they dont where the each and stuff goes to which rooms or which closets. So it takes an extra time for relocating them. Just let our highly experienced movers handle this.

  2. If you got a chance to reserve a parking slot near to your location then grab that chance. It saves your money and time because the movers don't have to carry your all stuffs that far to the truck while loading or unloading.

  3. If You are living in a condo building then plan your move date on the day when your elevator is not busy. Waiting for an empty elevator while moving stuffs makes the moving time long and hence it cost you more if its not a flat rate move.

  4. Talk with your building management to make sure whether they need Certificate of Insurance(COI) for the move or not and tell your moving company to prepare it for you. This has to be done before the movers arrival so that they shouldnt have to wait for the COI and you dont ahve to pay extra for elongated travel time.

  5. Moving during the off seasons will save a hundreds of dollars.